Philips XX1080 1st Generation Image Intensifier Tube

The Philips XX1080 is a late model 1st generation inverting image intensifier tube with electrostatic focusing.  Still used in military night sights all over the world, the XX1080 is among the most successful of all 1st-generation tubes.  It possesses excellent sensitivity, high gain and a very useful IR capability.  Used in conjunction with suitable optics, this tube is capable of very high performance in viewers and cameras.  Possible uses will include security/surveillance, wildlife and astronomy.  Resolution is approximately equivalent to 1 megapixel.

These tubes provide operation in near total darkness, requiring little or no artificial illumination.  A very effective semi-covert surveillance performance is achieved using low-level IR illumination.

Matching objective lenses and eyepieces are available.

Summary Specifications:
  • 1st Generation Tube

  • High Gain:  30 Cd/lm

  • High Sensitivity:  125uA/lm

  • High Resolution: 
    >27 lp/mm @ centre
    >15 lp/mm @ 25mm diameter
    >8 lp/mm @ 25mm diameter
    (approximate equivalent: 1 megapixel)

  • Cathode:  S25

  • Screen:  P20 Phosphor (green)

  • Spectral response: <450nM to >850nM
    (very useful IR sensitivity)

  • Equivalent background illumination: 0.5ulx

  • Power Supply:  Anode 14kV, Focus 325V

  • Large Photocathode: 50mm useful diameter

  • Magnification: 0.31

  • Mass: 160g

  • Dimensions: 63mm diameter, 106mm long


Matching lenses are available for this tube:

Typical optical components in an intensified viewer.


A high gain 1st-gen intensifier tube.  Used, tested, full spec.

We have a range of super-fast lenses ideal for image intensifier applications.

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