Thursday 20/06/24

Using Search

There is now a "Search" box shown on the banner of all Abex UK web pages, that can be used in a variety of ways to search our sales stock.

Start by entering one or more words into the box, separated by spaces. e.g. "spectrum analyser". (the quotes are NOT required!)

Hit the "Search" button!

The words (or numbers) you enter are used to query our database, referencing the "Manufacturer", "Type", "Description", and our stock number. A list of matches will be returned, if any are found. The list is ordered by "Type".

You may enter just one word, or several. You can also enter just a part of the word, e.g. "spec an" instead of "spectrum analyser". You can also be highly specific; by entering just a model or stock code. The more specific your search, the fewer results will be displayed.

As we add more items to our inventory, they will automatically be added to the available search results.

This is an exciting new facillity, and we hope you have fun using it.

Using The Menu

Many of the drop-down menu buttons are "Hot".

The drop-down menu gives access to multiple stock lists.

For example, simply click on the main "Sales Stock" button, and you will see a list of all the items on our current stock.

If you are interested only in "Optical" items, hover over the "Sales Stock" button to get the drop-down list, then click on "Optical". A list will appear that shows only the optical items.

This method can be used to refine the search. Most of the menu buttons are "Hot".

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