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What we do

Abex UK was established in 1980 as an RF & microwave design consultancy.

That original mission has evolved. We now provide a broad range of test, measurement and inspection facilities. We are experienced with high voltage, lasers, optics, night vision and high vacuum.

Our in-house engineering facilities include circuit, systems and electromagnetic simulation tools; ATE; a broad inventory of test and measurement equipment; mechanical prototyping (turning, milling, 3-axis CNC); vacuum impregnation; die bonding; and some very high-end inspection equipment. In addition to a range of high quality optical microscopes, we are now equipped with both an x-ray and SEM capability. We undertake design, verification, and the service or repair of your own much loved (but over worked!) equipment.

Climate change is today's big story. For too long, "recycling" has been all about shredding and reprocessing the raw materials from which a product has been made; a process which involves waste, energy, and pollution. At Abex UK we are passionate about the benefits to be gained from finding new users for existing products.

With this in mind, we are a supplier of high quality used equipment, accessories and components. This side of our business benefits greatly from the technical expertise we have aquired by being involved in the past with product design. We are also experienced users of the equipment we supply, and consequently we are able to offer detailed technical advice regarding selection, installation and applications. Most of the used items we offer for sale are fully tested in our own laboratory. Manufacturers data sheets and/or certificates of measured performance are usually available.  We take pride in offering the highest quality service, with the backup and support of professionally qualified and highly experienced staff.

We purchase surplus equipment and components, and have new items arriving every week. If you don't find what you are looking for, call or email.

Eccentronics: We specialise in the exotic and esoteric!

UK: 01545 560069
International: +44 1545 560069