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Terms and Conditions



Surplus goods offered for sale will be supplied with either manufacturers data or measured data wherever possible.  If the availability of such information or measurements is important to you but not mentioned in the advert, please email us for clarification.  We occasionally offer items that are "untested" or "as is", and where this is the case it will be VERY clearly stated in the advert.  "Untested" or "as is" does NOT mean the item is known to be broken or useless; it means what it says.



We currently offer a collection only service. If you are able to collect in person, this is much preferred. You may arrange your own courier.



We will always require that full cleared payment has been received prior to the dispatch of goods.  It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the correct amount is paid in a timely manner by one of our accepted payment methods.  Receipt of payment will be regarded as order confirmation.


Our advertised prices do not include VAT.  Items shipped to a UK address will attract VAT at 20%.


If you consider our price is materially misaligned with the current market, please feel free to submit an offer.  If you are comparing ours to items advertised elsewhere, please include a link in your email.


We accept cheques in UK Pounds drawn on UK banks ONLY.  Please note that while banks quote 5 working days for cheque clearance, this is true only when a cheque does clear.  Notification of unpaid items takes up to 10 working days; and for this reason, we will wait 10 working days.  Cheques drawn on foreign banks and/or in foreign currencies are NOT accepted.

Bank Payments

The use of direct bank transfer is our preferred payment method.  Transfers must be made in UK Pounds.  Bank details provided upon request.  International transfers under £250 will attract a £12 handling fee.  Domestic (UK) transfers are free.


We do not accept Paypal.

Other Methods

We do not currently accept any other methods of payment (Western Union, international money orders, etc.).


Quotations are valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated.



Where stated ONLY, we offer 30 days warranty, subject to the following conditions:

  1. B2B: Goods returned for refund will be accepted only where our advance agreement has been obtained.  You MUST contact us first.

  2. Goods returned as faulty will be replaced/refunded/repaired at our discretion.  This excludes damage deemed to have been caused by misuse. Note that certain items are extremely sensitive to electrostatic damage and misuse, for example RF and optical power sensors, front end mixers and laser diodes. Our warranty does not cover such items.

  3. In general we will not refund postage or transportation charges incurred as a result of warranty claims.

  4. We will not be held liable for any consequential losses in respect of warranty claims.

Standard warranty terms apply ONLY where the item is purchased at full list price.  Please seek clarification if you plan to negotiate a reduced price. 

No other warranty whatsoever is offered or implied.



We cannot accept responsibility for personal injury or damage to property resulting from the use or misuse of items we supply; whatsoever or howsoever caused.  Electronic, scientific and other technical equipment may present danger to inexperienced, untrained or careless users.  Such dangers include, but are not limited to, electrical shock, fire & burns, ocular damage, asphyxiation, back or muscle strains etc.  It is the buyer/operators responsibility to ensure the use of correct procedures, and the safety of all personnel.



We do not test the Electromagnetic Compliance of surplus items.  Where items are to be incorporated into products for resale, it should not be assumed that such items are compliant with any of the applicable EMC regulations (e.g. FCC or European EMC Directive).



It is unlikely that surplus items would be RoHS compliant.  For this reason, they should not be incorporated into new designs for resale.  Certain exceptions apply.  You are advised to check current legislation where this could present a problem.


Design Tools (Online Calculators)

The design tools available on this website are provided free for use by anyone. Whilst we endeavour to ensure these tools are accurate and reliable, we can not accept any liability for errors, or consequential damages caused by their use.


Data Security

Abex UK will not under any circumstances sell or otherwise make customer information available to others. Our website does not contain any customer information.



We do not make use of cookies. Your visits to our website are not logged or recorded, and we do not monitor or track your browsing activities.


General Disclaimer

Abex UK offers a range of professional services, but your usage of this website does not constitute a professional service. Abex UK is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims any and all liability for, damages or consequential losses of any kind arising out of the use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained within this website. While the information contained here is regularly updated, no guarantee is given that said information is correct, complete, or up-to-date.



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