Sunday 21/07/24

Our Facilities

At Abex UK we are fortunate to have a broad range of engineering facilities. This enables us to tackle jobs that span otherwise disparate and unrelated technologies.

We maintain a potent and highly effective laboratory which is usually configured for RF and Microwave measurements, but which can be tailored to suit specific jobs as and when required.

Our resources go considerably beyond what is typically found at a small business. This is for two principal reasons.

Firstly, because we have an on-going mission to do exactly this. Whilst a small business will usually invest in only the facilities required to offer the core service or product of that business, at Abex we continually strive to broaden our capabilities into new areas.

Secondly, because Abex UK is also a supplier of used equipment, and we have a very considerable stock. Items notionally held in our "sales stock" can be leveraged in our own laboratory whenever they are required, crucially without incurring any delay or cost.

The following is a brief summary:

  • Laboratory
    • RF and Microwave test
    • Optical test
    • General test
    • Component characterisation
    • Wire Bonder
    • Vacuum Chamber
    • Environmental Chamber
    • Optical Benches
    • Rework station and hot plate
    • Ancilliary and Accessory items
  • Inspection
    • Microscopes, Optical
    • Microscopes, Measuring
    • Microscope, SEM
    • Thermal imager
    • Endoscopes
    • X-ray
  • Computer
    • RF and Microwave CAD
    • Mechanical CAD
    • Optical CAD
    • PCB Layout
    • ATE
  • Fabrication
    • PCB prototyping
    • Lathe
    • Milling Machine
    • 3-axis CNC router/digitiser

UK: 01545 560069
International: +44 1545 560069