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Filtronic WS004

Filter, Special, Band Reject

(Serial Number 10149 , Stock Number 10149)

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This is a special purpose filter manufactured by Filtronic to reject a selected frequency in the 6.0 - 12.0GHz (X) pass band. The stop band is a single notch pre-tuned at 8.0GHz, but this would be adjustable if the paint was first removed. There are a number of tuning screws on the filter body. High quality device, quite heavy, probably brass or copper construction. Good cosmetic condition, just a few marks in the paint.

Possible applications for this filter are quite varied, but placed between a radio and antenna it could be used to prevent radiation of the local oscillator signal. This would be useful to reduce spurious emissions from a transmitter or receiver, or perhaps to reduce interference caused by a nearby transmitter? Sorry, no export.

Typical Specifications:

See plot for measured performance of this actual item.

  • Frequency, Pass band: 6.0 - 12.0GHz

  • Frequency, Stop band: 8GHz Notch

  • Rejection: >70dB

  • Insertion Loss: <0.5dB

  • Connections: SMA

Actual item

Filtronic WS004 Filter Special Notch Band Stop High Rejection 10.368GHz SMA

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A representative network analyser test configuration

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Actual item, measured performance.


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