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HP (Agilent) 33321SD

75dB Step Attenuator

(Serial Number 3248a00445 , Stock Number 3248a00445)

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From the day they are new, attenuators are all slightly different due to manufacturing tolerances. HP step attenuators have no internal adjustments, and so it should not be assumed that a "calibrated" unit is somehow better than one which is not. At best, the presence of a calibration label means only that the performance met the originally specified tolerances when it was measured. We go one step further than this. We sweep the test frequency over a wide range, and capture all of the data.

The HP 33321SD is an OEM remote control device with 5dB, 30dB, and 40dB sections, giving 0, 5, 30, 35, 40, 45, 70 or 75dB. This fully certified unit meets or exceeds HP specifications up to 15GHz and is suitable for use as a lab reference. Little used, in excellent cosmetic condition. Please view the measurement data, and HP technical manual.

Typical Specifications:

See plot for measured performance of this actual item.

  • Frequency: D.C to 15GHz

  • Power: 1W

  • Attenuation: 0-75dB

  • Step size: 5dB*

  • Actuation: Remote Control, 15V, Latching

  • Connectors: SMA

Actual item

HP (Agilent) 33321 Certified 75dB Reference Attenuator Calibration Data to 20GHz

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A representative network analyser test configuration

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Actual item, measured performance.


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