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Ma/Com (Omni Spectra) 2044-6010-00

D.C. Outside Block 1.0 - 18GHz

(Serial Number 000 , Stock Number 2044-6010-00)

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The Ma/Com (Omni Spectra) 2044-6010-00 datasheet refers to this part as an "outside" D.C. block, but infact it is both an inside and an outside device. At low frequency, it is typically 22pF on the outside block, and 100pF on the inside block. Specified for use from 1.0 - 18GHz, but useful to below 500MHz, see measurement plot. The connections are SMA. This is a very high quality part in excellent "used" condition. (ex-equip - mated only once)

Typical Specifications:

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  • Frequency: 1.0 - 18GHz*

  • Isolation Voltage: 300V D.C.

  • Outside Capacitance: 22pF

  • Inside Capacitance: 100pF

  • Connections: SMA

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Ma/Com (Omni Spectra) 2044-6010-00 Inside/Outside D.C. Block 1.0 - 18GHz SMA

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A representative network analyser test configuration

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